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Thread: Brideshead Revisited 2008 - remake of 1981

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    Default Brideshead Revisited 2008 - remake of 1981

    For me, the original BBC Brideshead Revisited mini series was perfection.

    This is a theatrical release with Emma Thompson and Matthew Goode (he reminds me of a baby Rupert Everett). I don't know who Ben Whishaw is but he's too much of a sissy boy for my taste.

    It looks good with a good cast. I'm not offended as I can be with most remakes when the original is of the highest caliber. They used Castle Howard in England again.


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    Jeremy Irons1!!!!! You can't replicate perfection!

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    Yes, I love Mr. Irons; he's quite nice, perfectly normal, except that he's f*cking brilliant and his wifey is lovely.
    "the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone"

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