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Thread: 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - 2016 Watch live

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    SoCal... Duh.


    By far my favorite highlight of the show... Thank you Leo, thank you.
    Is it just me, or does it look like she intended to touch, pinch, whatever-that-was him/get his attention?

    Ps. The year in title of this thread is incorrect - I had to double check my calendar before I posted, SoCal hasn't had her coffee yet.
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    I'll know it when I see it.


    The Jonah Hill skit wasn't very funny to start with and he went on and on using "fucking" this and "fucking" that before introducing the nominees in Jane's category. I think Jane was bored and unimpressed with Jonah and Jane's bfriend had that look on his face most of the night....maybe he wasn't feeling well due to having Parkinsons. There was nothing said that was directed at Jane specifically. He just spoiled the introduction with the stupid skit.
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    Thank you for finally answering!!!!!
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    Jane doesn't look mad to me. She's just looking.
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    Ricky is fucking awesome.

    My husband has a pretty warped (mean) sense of humor. The more uncomfortable the moment, the funnier he thinks it is. But when Ricky made the joke about Ben Affleck / Matt Damon, even Mr. Corn was like, "oh that was mean." I laughed my ass off at his reaction. (ps he thought it was insulting to Jen but I didn't).
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    I enjoyed some of it. I was so excited leo won. The revenant is incredible movie. Best movie i have seen in a while. He has always been one of my favs. My oldest son actually looks like him a tad.

    Oh wow, just noticed this is my 300th post. Hmm, i think i come here the most. Every where else i used to go is so boring.
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