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Thread: She's Got the Look: 35 and up modeling competition on TVLand

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    Default She's Got the Look: 35 and up modeling competition on TVLand

    Anyone seen this? It comes on Wed at 10pm and I really like it. The women do not look botoxed to Hell and back and the oldest one is 63. Kim Alexis is hosting and Beverly Johnson is a judge. Check it out. They've got some really diverse women on there.

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    I've seen it. I keep forgetting when it's on. That 50 year old woman is gorgeous and Kim Alexis still looks fantastic.
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    I'll have to TiVo this. It sounds refreshing.

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    Paula is crazy. And manly but she admires Grace Jones so go figure...

    And talk about sore losers after the nude group challenge! The 20 year olds on ANTM have more maturity than some of these beyotches!

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    I saw several episodes of this today. I
    was shocked I guess by how plain and
    fugly I thought these broads were. And
    the constant crying and emotional melt
    downs. I guess that's what makes good
    reality tv, but I find it annoying. Do the
    producers of these shows seek out
    emotionally unstable people? I don't know
    any women this weepy and fragile. Blech!
    So needless to say, I wanted to watch more,
    and now will have to see the stupid finale
    Wednesday night to see who won. I am such
    a sucker! I'm hoping 50 year old Celeste wins.
    I think she's pretty gorgeous, while the others
    not so much.
    If I a smidge or two taller (5"6)
    I'd try out for season 2!

    She's Got The Look - Kim Alexis - Modeling Reality TV Show
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