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Thread: What Happens in Vegas

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    Default What Happens in Vegas

    I admit I wasn't planning on seeing this but this was the only thing playing at the local cine that I handn't seen. I wasn't expecting much but I really liked this one regardless of the critical drubbing it received. Box office gross so far 66 million, but this movie only cost 30 million to make.

    Lots of great dialogue and funny lines, I found myself laughing loud more than I did at 'Knocked Up.'

    Ashton Kutcher was great, he really is awesome with his comedic timing and presence. Cameron was also good as was supporting case Dennis Farina.

    Overall one of the more enjoyable flicks I've seen all year.

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    Yeah i loved it! I wasn't expecting much when i went in, i only saw it because i love Ashton and Cameron; they mighn't be the greatest actors but they are enjoyable to watch.

    The thing that annoyed me is that they show most of the funny parts in the preview; luckily i saw the preview after I'd seen the movie.

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