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Thread: The Secret of NIHM

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    Default The Secret of NIHM

    After randomly getting the album yesterday, I decided to go and rent this movie (sadly, to no avail) today... Anyway I remember bits of it from school in 1993 when we read the book and then subsequently watched the movie... for some edyookayshonall reeson I'm shore.
    Anyway to be honest all I remember is someone who was sick, a walking Frisbee and glowing rat eyes. Oh and a heavy blood nose. That I gave to someone. But that wasn't in the movie.

    Anyone remember better than me? It's got a cult following.... man I really want to see it!

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    Never saw the movie - didn't even know that they made a movie - but loved, loved this book as a kid.

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    I loved it when I was little. The last time I saw it had to be back in the 80s. Don't remember much off hand.

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    i loved the movie as a kid. read the book too.
    i think the rats had escaped from a lab or something and were more evolved and used electricity and stuff.
    and a family of mice (the frisby family) that lived in a cinder block and the mother had a sick baby.
    and a rat named nicodemus.

    that's what i remember off the top of my head.
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