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Thread: The return of Little Britain: Matt Lucas as a chubby schoolgirl

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    Default The return of Little Britain: Matt Lucas as a chubby schoolgirl

    Little Britain is back and as these pictures show, it is sure to bring more laughs, more characters and more of Matt Lucas and David Walliams in women's clothing.

    The comedy duo, who are currently filming in the US, are introducing a number of new characters in addition to keeping the old favourites.
    Last on our screens in 2006, the Emmy and Bafta-winning sketch show has been snapped up by American television giants HBO.
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    Lucas and Walliams in their latest comedy guises for the new series

    Lucas's latest character is American schoolgirl Ellie Grace

    New characters include schoolgirl Ellie Grace which sees Lucas slip into another dress along with Walliams who plays her mum.
    As usual, the pair appear to have raided bargain bins for their latest costumes with the former wearing pink flowery dress and the latter wearing a denim jacket and floral skirt ensemble.
    Shot partially on a typical American yellow schoolbus, Walliams sports a blonde bobbed wig while Lucas wears schoolgirl bunches.
    While other new characters have yet to be revealed, die-hard fans of the past three series will not be disappointed by the fourth.
    They can expect to see the return of Dafydd "only gay in the village" Thomas, camp Prime Minister's aide Sebastian Love and Asbo teen Vicky Pollard.
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    Walliams plays Ellie Grace's 'mom' in another costume of women's clothes

    Walliams towers over Lucas in scenes from Little Britain USA

    Walliams and Lucas started filming in North Carolina last month and were apparently looking for an American film star to play the role of a comedy US president.
    There are rumours Hollywood heart-throb George Clooney has been approached but this has yet to be confirmed.
    Discussing the next installment of the show with Jonathan Ross in December, Matt Lucas spoke of their new creations, saying: "They range from the nice to the really gruesome — and we're having a ball inventing them."
    Although being produced by the American network, the six new episodes will reportedly be screened in Britain by the BBC.
    A date for the airing has yet to be confirmed.
    Old favourites: Characters Vicky Pollard and Daffyd Thomas (played by Matt Lucas) will return in the new series

    The Return of Little Britain: Matt Lucas as a chubby schoolgirl and David Walliams as 'mom' play for laughs Stateside | the Daily Mail

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    This show looks hilarious!!

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    I cannot wait!
    we don't have to make love to have an orgasm

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    Couldn't be stuffed reading the whole article, is this now an American show? Little America or something? Or is it still produced by the BBC?
    I can't stand Lucas doing an American accent because he's so bad at it.

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