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Thread: 7 MTV-defining stars who wouldn't be allowed on MTV anymore

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    I floved Daria and Beavis and Butthead.

    I miss the European MTV VJs. I had a huge crush on Toby Amies and I just floved Ray Cokes, he was soooo funny. Simone what's her name who presented Dance music bugged, she was too hyper.

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    loved daria and beavis and butthead too.
    and anyone remember that comedy sketch show, the state, that was briefly on MTV too? i think it got cancelled after a season or something.

    there was a brief window of a few years in the 90s when good music was actually given a chance by mainstream media, and were featured on mtv. it didn't last though. alternative music was quickly co-opted and turned into just another product (ex: my chemical romance, fall out boy, all those piece of shit emo asshole bands that are just as manufactured and homogenised as a regular boyband), and real alternative/indie acts were driven back underground, and sucky music prevailed.
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