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Thread: TinTin: The Movie

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    Default TinTin: The Movie

    Comes out next year, collaboration of Spielberg (yay) with Jackson (uh-oh).
    First off, have to say, not liking the idea of it being CGI in real life, aka Gollum from LOTR.
    Secondly, momumentally enfuriated with the casting choices.

    Thomas Sangster, aka, the little boy with a broken heart from Love Actually, or as I like to call him, Mini-Fuhrer, is playing TinTin.
    I thought TinTin was about 26. And good looking. This boy has one of those faces that British politicians have. He is butt-ugly, and he's still a pimply teenager. He's 17!! Worst choice ever.

    Now John Krasinski. There's someone I could see as playing TinTin. And I bet they'll make Snowy a computer animated sheep too. The idiots. I hate Peter Jackson and his inbred New Zealand shit.

    I also hate that the guy who played Gollum is going to portray Captain Haddock. Now WTF??? I FUCKING HATE THIS!! I love love LOVE Haddock. He was my favourite character, he was so overdramatic and unlucky, he was hilarious! Now this annoying twat who looks like a toad is going to play him. God help us. I would have even preferred Russell Crowe, who I cannot stand, but as Haddock I would have been forgiving. Or that guy from 300 would have been great too.

    Expect anyone and everyone (annoying only) from LOTR and King Kong to be in this film/s. Worst. News. Ever.

    And happy fucking Easter.

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    TinTin was one of my favs when I was younger. I do hope the movie is done well.

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