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Thread: 20/20 Special: The Age of Consent

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    Default 20/20 Special: The Age of Consent

    ABC News: John Stossel Special: The Age of Consent

    I'm planning on watching for sure, seems very interesting.

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    I'm watching it now. It's infuriating! Why is there such a lack of common sense in the legal world?

    The first dad/daughter story, could the daughter be any more heartless towards the boyfriend whose life was ruined? She lied about being raped, then backtracked and said she consented but was 'forced'. Now she shrugs her shoulders that he can't get a job or show his face outside (thanks to vigilantes) and says "oh well guess he shouldn't have had sex".

    It's scary how teenagers can have consenual sex yet only the boy will be prosecuted if mommy or daddy feels their daughter was taken advantage of. Then when you end up with a real case of rape it's not taken seriously because so many have been over-punished.

    IMO no one should be listed publically as a sex offender unless they 1) committed a predatory sexual offense (i.e. rape, molestation, etc) and/or 2) they have more than one sexual offense on their record (strike 2 you're listed). By painting everyone with the same brush you're effectively causing mass hysteria, especially when you call up the names of local offenders and find yourself surrounded by 'predators' just waiting to pull you into the bushes.

    There was a storyline on Law & Order SVU awhile back where a child went missing and the neighbourhood pulled up a list of offenders and targetted one listed as having been convicted of statuatory rape. Turned out his offense was similar to what was being discussed on 20/20 - being over 18 and having an 'underage' girlfriend (never mind that they were only a few months apart in age).

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