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    Angry Jumper

    My friend and I went to see two movies last night, Juno which we loved, and Jumper. I thought Jumper was abysmal, it had all the makings of a brilliant sci-fi movie and instead it fell flat on it's face. Huge plot holes and undeveloped characters with shitty dialogue made me want to leave half way through. I thought I would stick it out until the end hoping for a big redeeming scene that just never came. The ending SUCKED! THe only redeeming thing was Jamie Bell. I went on to IMDB this morning and rated Juno a ten and Jumper a one, but only because there isn't a zero rating. Has anyone else seen it?
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    I loved Juno. Loved. Loved. Loved.

    And I though jumper was so boring. Didnt like the story or the characters or even the frequent 'jumping'. I had some...higher hopes than what I saw in the theaters, but it just didnt deliever.

    I wished I could've jumped into another Juno showing...

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