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Thread: Angelina Jolie and Daniel Day-Lewis converse together

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    Default Angelina Jolie and Daniel Day-Lewis converse together

    Newsweek magazine held a round table discussion of this years films with Jolie, Day Lewis, Clooney, McAvoy etc. I decided that in my dirty mind, Angelina was hot for Daniel

    You can see the 14 parts on youtube. Sometimes interesting.

    On how they can no longer take public transportion:


    Does she have any skin on her arms?

    Daniel asks Angelina about her role as Mariane Pearl.


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    Ooh! I forgot about this. I only read the transcript.

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    I've just finished watching the whole thing and have fallen in love with Daniel and James. I love their voices and accents. Angelina, on the other hand, was so blah, what happened to her?

    Also, do you know where I can see last years round table with Helen Mirren, I've heard that's the first one they've televisied/had an audience for.

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