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Thread: Hannah Montana takes over the world!

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    Default Hannah Montana takes over the world!

    Hannah Montana Is Taking Over The World!

    Hannah Montana slaughtered her competition at the box office this weekend. The "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour" 3-D movie only opened on 683 screens, but still brought in $29 million. That's around $42,000 per screen. Jessica Alba's "The Eye" didn't stand a chance. It came in second with only $13 million.
    As expected, Eva LongWHORIA's movie flopped. It managed to bring in $4.6 million. It still did better than Jessica Simpson's last movie. Here's how the weekend box office looked:
    1. Hannah Montana - $29 million
    2. The Eye - $13 million
    3. 27 Dresses - $8.4 million
    4. Juno - $7.4 million
    5. Meet the Spartans - $7.1 million
    6. Rambo - $7 million
    7. The Bucket List - $6.8 million
    8. Untraceable - $5.4 million
    9. Cloverfield - $4.9 million
    10. There Will Be Blood - $4.7 million
    Hannah Montana scares the shit out of me. She's taking over the world. I wonder which Presidential candidate she's going to support, because that's the winner right there.
    Hannah Montana Is Taking Over The World! | Dlisted
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    Yup. Miley Cyrus is big to pubescent teens due to the void left vacant by the Spears/Aguilera/Duff/Simpson/Moore era.

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