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    I've taken a chance and I bought season 1 of this show and got it today, I'm anticipating it because I've only seen 5 or 6 episodes of the show, back in 1994 or something when it was on after Unsolved Mysteries, and I remember loving it... but I was 9. All I recall is a really awesome tornado (I love tornados), a goose that attacked the youngest son, that youngest son praying in church and having his hands bleed, and an incredibly awesome scene where Piper from Charmed was locked in a sound-proof basement and her father was right above her.
    Anyway, the theme song is also beautiful. I find myself getting chills every time I hear it, for some reason.

    Anyone else like this show? I hope I enjoy it as much as I remember!

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    i used to watch this sometimes when i was in high school and there really wasn't anything else on. it's ok for a david e.kelley show - this was before he decided all his actresses had to be anorexic and before he got all ally mcbealish and gimmicky. and it certainly beats 'charmed'...
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