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Thread: Hancock movie poster

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    Default Hancock movie poster

    ‘Hancock’ Movie Poster

    Mon, 31 December 2007 at 10:39 am

    Peep the new movie poster for superhero-themed flick Hancock, starring Will Smith!
    If you haven’t seen yet, there are pictures of Will filming scenes in the same exact costume hanging from steel cables.
    Hancock, out July 2, 2008, was directed by actor/writer/director Peter Berg. The film was originally called Tonight, He Comes, retitled to John Hancock and then shortened to just Hancock.
    Will portrays an alcoholic superhero despised by everyone. A publicist (Jason Bateman) helps rehabilitate him, and the superhero eventually begins an affair with the publicist’s wife (Charlize Theron).
    “There are heroes. There are superheroes. And then there’s… Hancock.”
    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    good lord, that sounds like the worst movie ever.

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    running out of ideas? Lets pull some crazy shit out of our asses and stick Will Smith right in the middle.... that just might work...
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    poster sucks too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrs.v View Post
    There are heroes. There are superheroes. And then there’s… Hancock.”
    Shouldnt it read 'there are heroes, There are Superheroes, and then there's Hitler
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