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Thread: Charlie Wilson's War

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    Default Charlie Wilson's War

    Anyone here seen it?
    I thought it was very well done, and Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman were brilliant, as always. Julia Roberts was alright, but her damn accent kept fading in and out, which was very distracting. All and all, I found it to be very interesting and entertaining. What did you all think?
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    I saw it last night. I liked it. "Charlie's Angels" were the best!

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    I want to see it really bad. I had plans to on Christmas Eve (yay for living in a Jew town, there's actually a few places open where you can do stuff on Christmas), but I fell asleep. Maybe I'll try again this weekend.

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    I saw it and really liked it, which was sort of surprising, since I don't care for Tom Hanks. Phillip Seymour Hoffman makes it worth seeing it alone - he's brilliant.

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