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Thread: Movies that rock!

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    Default Movies that rock!

    Did you watch it? If you did, did you see Queen Latifah checking out that dancer's ass?
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    No, i missed it!!
    I'm trying to catch up right now with the performances online..but from what i've seen so far i really liked fergie's and ushers!

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    i watched it. absolutely loved Ushers performance. Breathtaking. Fergie was good, and so was Chris Brown. Carrie Underwood did well. Beyonce was B O R I N G. she had to keep looking at the teleprompter for the words. dumb shit, doesnt know the words to Over the Rainbow? and Jennifer Hudson and her ginormous breasts in that ridiculous dress? blech
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    absolutely loved Ushers performance too. That was vey well done!

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    I saw some of it and I didn't notice the her checking out any asses, but I thought she did a good job. The only other performance I saw was the Shaft song. Didn't care for that because, well...what was the point of Eve? Granted, I never heard the full orignal song, but it wasn't that great of a performance.

    Thank God I missed Beyonce butchering Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

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