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Thread: The Piano Teacher/La Pianiste 2001

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    Default The Piano Teacher/La Pianiste 2001

    The Piano Teacher/La Pianiste (2001). Not to be confused with The Piano (Holly Hunter) or The Pianist (Adrien Brody). In French with English subtitles.

    The divine Isabelle Huppert plays the piano teacher. Benoit Magimel plays her student. He's is a compelling, handsome, very versatile actor. He and Juliette Binoche (Chocolat) had a child together.

    Anyhoo, I got this on Netflix which is the uncut version. I am so squeamish that I sort of wish it had been the cut version, but then you'd lose a lot of important events. It was a tough viewing for me, but I made it through. Let's just say there's sadism, masochism, self mutilation, a sick, sick mind, control, loss of control, MAJOR mother issues, you name it. It looks like a prim and proper film and then uh boy. Extremely well acted. Psychological and disturbing. It might appeal to those who enjoy those elements. It won all kinds of awards.

    Much of what goes on is hidden so that's where the imagination comes in. There is seduction, control, porn, oral sex, passion, and perversion. Perversion and a big cry for love I'd say.

    If anyone has seen it or if you read the book, please post.

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    it's a fucked up story but a great film. but then what else could you expect from michael haneke making a movie based on a book by elfriede jelinek? those 2 are the most fucked up austrians out there. but brilliant!
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    Thanks Sputnik. I just needed a little confirmation. I read IMDB postings too. It seems that the director, Haneke, has a lot of animal killings in his films, but he "says" he goes to slaughter houses to film them.

    What was weird was that I ordered two films at the same time, La Pianiste and Cache. I picked them for the actors. I had no idea they were both directed by Haneke. Cache was bizarre to say the least. I think I need to stay away from this director!

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    The movie was really good, highly disturbing, it will probably make most persons feel pretty uncomfortable, after my first viewing I felt pretty devastated, but it was worth it. I feel that the violent , disturbing scenes were included for a reason and that they are important to the story. Isabelle Huppert was so amazing in it, I still remember the last scence, where she walks away... and anything else would be a spoiler , but I still rembember the face she makes in that scene, although it's been around two years since I have seen the movie.

    And yes, there are a lot of animal deaths in Haneke's movies. Stay away from Benny's Video, a pig gets shot right in the head.

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