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Thread: Britney Spears is a new Simpsons character

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    Default Britney Spears is a new Simpsons character

    The premise of the episode is that Bart and his classmates will be dancing to Hit Me Baby One More Time in the halls of their school, and look who shows up, but Britney herself. Maybe they can even make her look good like she did ten years ago… CD&N
    Looking forward to see how that goes or if Briney even goes to the studio to record the episode… she can do it over the phone, right? Then she wouldn’t really have to go to work!
    7Confessions: Britney Spears is a new Simpsons character
    President Barack Obama
    Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

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    She's been on it before.

    And why do the Simpsons keep bringing on celebrity voices; they say like 2 lines and thats it.

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    Celebrities are partly to thank for the shittiness that is officially the worst show on television right now (yes, The Simpsons).
    That, and the new writers these days aren't dorks. The classic Simpsons were written by dorks.

    Britney Spears is a dick. Full stoop. So glad I stopped watching The Simpsons this year.

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    Duh, she's already on the Simpsons:

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    Oh hahaha! I thought you meant her REAL LIFE is a Simpson's character! My bad!

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