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Thread: The Tonight Show, starring … you?

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    Default The Tonight Show, starring … you?

    Want to host The Tonight Show? There may be a temporary opening, but it comes with a big catch—you’d have to cross a picket line.
    With Jay Leno honoring the writers’ strike, producers are considering using guest hosts to bring the show back on the air, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    “All sorts of things are being discussed, including guest hosts,” says Debbie Vickers, the show’s executive producer. “Our preference is that we return to production of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as host as soon as possible. We want to protect the staff, who have been loyal to this show for decades, in the same way that Johnny Carson reluctantly returned without his writers in 1988.”

    If carried out, this concept could create a problem for those fill-in performers, as writers and other entertainers might hold it against them in the future. SAG and AFTRA members have been asked to support the Writers Guild Strike.

    The Tonight Show has been in re-runs since the strike began on November 5. The almost 100 staff members have been notified that if the strike continues, they’ll be laid off on November 19, same as the two-week notice given to workers on other late-night shows. —Karen Salkin

    The Tonight Show, Starring … You? - Fall TV Watch

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    I'd love to have my own talk show; i'd ask the celebrities all the uncomfortable questions.

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    I hate picket line crossers.

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