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Thread: Carrie Bradshaw = funniest crier ever

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    Default Carrie Bradshaw = funniest crier ever

    In S&TC, the episode 'The Domino Effect' (its the one where Big comes to NYC for heart surgery) Carrie's crying is so horribly hilarious and it shouldnt be! I LOVE S&TC. But this damn episode has ALWAYS bugged me. All of Carrie's crying is so FAKE that its almost laughable. OMG its driving me INSANE.

    She never builds up to the crying, she'll be talking normally and then all of a sudden she starts spastically sobbing into her hands. You never see her tears, you just see her whip her head down behind her hands and start heaving. Its terrible, lol. I can't believe she couldn't do better than that.

    It drives me INSANE bc its such a great episode. YouTube - Sex and the City-"Domino Effect" (Carrie & Big)

    I cant find any video clips of her hilarious crying, but its on TBS right now and ARRRGGhhhh..... anyone else noticed this?

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    YES!!! I did. It was pretty bad. But I just assumed she was a horrible crier. At least for that scene, she really just phoned it in.

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    I thought it was supposed to be bad, like, she can't control when she cried. Doesn't make it any less annoying though.

    I know that it's never pretty when I cry....which is why I try not to do it in public

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    you already know.


    ugh, i hate carrie fucking bradshaw! i post very negatively on her on the SATC imdb boards sorry, cant stand the bitch! I like all her friends much much better!

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    OMG! YES!!! That episode is especially painful to watch. They crying is so horrible.

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    Gee. Any decent woman should master the art of fake crying.

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    I always laugh at the women who cry on TV. When I cry (or any other woman I know) I look like absolute shit on a stick. My face is bright red and splotchy, no makeup to be seen, my face gets all puffy, its absolutely gross. These women seem to cry without messing up a stray hair or their eye makeup.
    Women ain't gonna let a thing like sense fuck up their argument. - Chris Rock

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    ^^^ I know! No one can fake cry. When I do I look the same but my lips stick out, my nose draws down (probably sounds weird and bumb, but I can't explain it), and my eyes are unseen.

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