Typical – you wait ages for rumours of an X Factor romance, and then two come along at once. After yesterday’s revelations that it’s currently “Chico Time” for Conway Sister Sharon, it’s emerged that another relationship has developed on the show – and it involves yet another Conway.

Yes, to the distress of young women everywhere – most notably his, erm, girlfriend – it’s been revealed that 21-year-old heartthrob Shayne Ward has been enjoying secret trysts with The Blonde Piano-Playing Conway, aka Laura. According to The Sun, the pair “get on really well and there’s a real chemistry. They had been keeping their kissing and cuddling a secret, but when you’re one of four sisters, it’s very difficult to keep things quiet.”

And if this news wasn’t enough, then the final nail in the coffin of Shayne’s relationship with long-term girlfriend Fay will probably be the headline on today’s Daily Star - which declares that Shayne’s flirting with host Kate Thornton has really got out of hand.

Although 32-year-old Kate – who already has a boyfriend – categorically denies having a relationship with the young crooner, X Factor insiders say that she and Shayne have been told to “rein in” their friendship, after a series of cosy dressing room chats sparked backstage gossip. “He claims Kate is like this cool big sister,” says the Daily Star’s mole. “Well, no one looks at their sister like that. He follows her around like a lovesick puppy… Everyone thinks they’ll become an item after the show finishes.” Blimey. What on earth will Fay – and poor wee Laura Conway – have to say about that? Somehow, we think The Saga Of Shayne’s Love Life is going to run and run…