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    Default Dance Movies

    Ok I know I'm not the only one..
    I have always loved a good dance movie... Save the Last Dance and Step Up were some of my faves (yes Channing Tattum had a big part in that) but I just saw the trailer for Step Up 2: YouTube - STEP UP 2 THE STREETS Trailer

    and ... it looks good .. Channing isn't the lead anymore but he is in a small part i.. and the new guy (Robert Hoffman) looks very promising!! great dancer.. and hot!! The lead girl (Briana Evigan) can realllyyyyy dance

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    Um, hello SHAG anyone??

    God I loved her stupid dance in a stars and bars bikini to that southern song--what's the name of it, anyone remember?

    Just Googled: It was "Dixie's Land!!" God that was so ridiculously hilarious.

    Anyway, I really loved the South Carolina Shag they did here, it was so awesome.
    I should learn it.

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    ohmigod...I remember Shag!!! lol

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    I loooove "Strictly Ballroom":

    Strictly Ballroom (1992)

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    Dirty Dancing ... I've seen it a zillion times and I never get tired of it!

    Dirty Dancing (1987)

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    Tank Girl!
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