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Thread: Lars and The Real Girl trailer

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    Default Lars and The Real Girl trailer

    With Ryan Gosling.

    Does his girlfriend remind you of anyone?

    Click on Trailer at the bottom of the page.

    Lars and the Real Girl - Coming Soon

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    OMG. Someone watched that scary, creepy movie about the guys who have those dolls and made a movie! I'm not sure this is even semi-believable, but I will probably watch it after it comes out on DVD on a night when the hubby is out with friends. I do like Ryan after all.
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    Did you think she looked like someone famous? The moment I saw her I thought, oh geez..

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    ^^I thought the "girlfriend" resembles Angeline Jolie, though I expected maybe Rachel McAdams based on your first post.

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    i actually want to see this .. but i think it has partly to do with my love for Ryan Gosling

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