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Thread: Las Vegas - The TV show

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    Default Las Vegas - The TV show

    (okay go easy on me, this is the first thread i've ever started)

    I watch the TV show Las Vegas because i like Josh Duhamel. But i wasnt that thrilled with it.... until tonite. Tom Sellick just bought the montecito and OMG he's Awesome!!!!!!! i hope its this good every week!!!!!
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    I had to go with Moonlight & the devine vampire. What a hunk! BUT I will catch up with this on reruns.
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    Love, love, love me some Josh on Friday nights! I also like the show. The people are all very good looking, which makes the plot a little more palatable.

    But I totally missed the opener last night and was bummed! The hubby and I didn't get home till late and when we laid down and turned on the TV, I caught the last two minutes. Uuugh! Gotta see when they're going to rerun it.
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    Loved last nights episode!

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    I watch it every now and again, as my housemate loves that sort of trashy TV. But I never get it - are they cops, security or casino owners?

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