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Thread: No End in Sight (documentary on Iraq War)

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    Default No End in Sight (documentary on Iraq War)

    No End In Sight | Charles Ferguson | Representational Pictures

    Just saw this movie. It was one of the most heartbreaking and infuriating things I have ever seen. I don't know what else to say just that it breaks your heart to see how carelessly and thoughtlessly the architects of this whole affair treated the whole affair.

    IMHO this isn't a docu about whether it was right or wrong to go to Iraq, it is more concerned with how so many screwed things up huge. All of the problems in Iraq today, the insurgency, the violence, the civil war, etc. etc., can be directly traced to what happened immediately post occupation. Director does excellent job of asking key questions of important personnel, and of highlighting the monumental miscalculations of those in charge. These aren't some disgruntled nobodies either, these people being interviewed were very important and influential people in positions of power.

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    Guess what? Some asshats in congress are talking about reinstating the draft!
    Um, no......
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    oh FINALLY.. i hope it happens and the sooner the better.

    Once Mr and Mrs Complacent have to send their extra special bundle of joy to Iraq they'll finally force it to end.
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