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Thread: Without Prejudice - Anyone watch this?

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    Default Without Prejudice - Anyone watch this?

    I saw the preview for this on court tv, and watched a few minutes of it. I caught an entire episode last night.
    The premise: five people, sequestered in the proverbial green room, reveal tidbits about themselves — their jobs, their beliefs, their love lives — to another five people, who sit in judgment of them along with the show’s host, the psychotherapist Robi Ludwig. All 10 are “ordinary” — no celebrities in sight — though since we’re told nothing about how either group is selected, we can assume that the usual reality-show casting decisions are being made. That would explain the contestant in tonight’s pilot who first admits to being a marine and later adds that he’s now an “adult-film” star.

    It was quite interesting, but some of the "panel" are complete idiots IMO. I will probably watch it again, though.
    Anyone else watched?

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    I caught it once a couple weeks ago, but haven't seen it on since. Must just be missing it. Anyway, I found it quite interesting. The panel of judges sometimes seem to show some questionable judgement. I know it's supposed to be about honesty in their decisions, but if I were some of them, I'd be a little embarassed about the conclusions I jumped to, and the reasoning I expressed when stating my decisions. I did like the show though, I was just a little surprised that people are comfortable saying some pretty narrow minded things aloud.

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