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Thread: Stupid American Music awards

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    Default Stupid American Music awards

    Why oh why do I watch?

    Now who gets to decide that Lindsay Lohan can sing for real and be way off key, and Hilary Duff lipsynchs?

    Why does Hilary Duff lipsynch? ALWAYS!
    I HATE her.

    And did Stevie Nicks get to bitch slap Lindsay for that horrid rendition of her song?

    And why did that stupid Omarion or whatever his name is lipsynch to his rap? Why would you need to lipsynch rap? It is not even singing.

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    Default Re: Stupid American Music awards

    I was actually excited and looking forward to watchin the AMA's this year. I guess it's a good thing that I forgot about it and missed the entire program. Good for me, huh?

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