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Thread: ‘The Simpsons Movie’ Review

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    Default ‘The Simpsons Movie’ Review

    By David Lay) After 18 years, America’s favorite family has come to the big screen. Behind a massive marketing campaign, The Simpsons Movie was a huge deal well before the curtain fell. Any show that can hang on (especially on Fox) for 18 years, is bound to produce a movie that will be a mega-hit.
    This movie definitely did not disappoint. The diehard Simpsons fans as well as the casual movie goers will all be incredibly impressed with this big screen animated comedy. Matt Groening and company went all out for this one, creating a film that is FAR more than “just an hour-and-a-half version of the TV show. The comedy is really top-notch.
    The writers were at the top of their game when creating the classic satirical humor that The Simpsons has become famous for. There is a great mix of satire and low-brow humor – just enough to appease the Beavis’s of the world, as well as the Frasier’s. As with the television show, the movie does get fairly political at times, but keeps it funny and never gets preachy.
    The creators kept a tight lid on the plot of the movie throughout, which really help to add to the excitement of the experience. As usual, Homer creates a monumental problem that threatens life in Springfield as we know it. It is then up to…well, Homer… to solve the problem. The plot centers around Homer and his newly acquired pet pig, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency and their attempts to solve the pollution problem of Springfield. After a series of events (including a giant dome over the city, a sink hole, and a near mass hanging by the townsfolk), the Simpsons end up in Alaska only to realize, some more quickly than others, that Springfield is their home and is worth saving.
    ‘The Simpsons Movie’

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    i just finished watching it and it was funny-from the opening scene all the way to the end
    make sure you stay till the end-they have clips mixed in with the credits.
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    Saw it friday night...I thought it was great...laughed the entire time, and Im not a huge Simpsons fan.
    I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

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