This is from IMDB, just pasted it...

1. Wherever Jessica goes, there will be a murder (I guess that's a given)

2. The murderer will always confess at the end despite the fact 90% of the time Jessica has no evidence that would stand up in court

3. Wherever Jessica goes, she will meet a friend (she has about 400 friends, at last count)

4. Wherever Jessica goes, someone will have read her books, and say how much they liked them within 15 seconds of meeting her.

5. The murderer can be identified by one random, out-of-place, unnatural sounding piece of exposition they casually mention while talking to Jessica.

6. The cops will be bumbling idiots (except for on the rare occasions they specifically ask Jessica for help)

7. Jessica will never comment on the fact she has personally been around and solved almost 300 murders, despite not being some kind of veteran police detective.

8. If Jessica is with an old friend, a white male who is around 50-60 he will always, and I mean ALWAYS be the killer.

9. There will be one overactor in each episode.

10. Each episode will end with a freeze frame on Jessica laughing at a cheesy joke

I like this programme