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    Default Hey Paula

    ok have you all seen Paula Abdul's new reality show on Bravo? My god, she's a train wreck... after the bad publicity from that news interview where she acted totally wasted all she was worried about was financial loss and broke down crying. She's just a greedy cry baby. I'm beginning to hate her.

    If you haven't its pretty entertaining watching her fall all over the place everywhere she goes...

    someone posted the episodes on youtube too:
    YouTube - Hey Paula eps 1 part1

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    My mom watches this, so I catch it sometimes, and it is just an awful show. It's pretty sad how she probably thought this show was going to save her image and all it is doing is making her look worse and worse. There have been a few truly diva moments, her issues are just front and center, and something that bugs me that they keep showing is that she never has any money. She's always going into places to get food and telling her staff that she has no cash and is getting it from them (Starbucks, vending machines, etc.). Also, the moments of clarity vs. moments of being completely out of it really don't help her stance of not being involved with any kind of substance abuse.

    Incidentally, my mom has the same thing Paula has, which is probably why she sympathisizes with her and watches the show. The drugs for the pain are not very good, they can mess with you a lot and it takes a long time to find the right one. Even my mom is saying that's beyond a wrong medication issue, that is a self-medicating issue, and I tend to agree. Even when my mom was on the worst of the meds prescribed for her, she was never anything near the way Paula acts.

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    I (with my extremely low standards) will not even watch this piece of crap show(and I actually watched RH of OC so that is saying something! lol)
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    I accidentally came across this one night, and it is indeed a complete TRAIN WRECK! WTF was Paula thinking agreeing to do this show?

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    i liked Paula.... until i watched this show. if she's trying to improve her image this was not the way to do it.
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    Now I like a good celebrity trainwreck reality show as much as the next person, but Paula's show is just weak. Maybe it's the constant slurring, or the fact that I don't care enough about her to ridicule her. I'm waiting for season 2 of I Love N.Y. That tranny bulldog is crazy. LOL

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    I was about to respond to this post by saying "this show defines trainwreck tv"- and then as I read through the comments everyone had already mentioned "trainwreck"

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    Was never a huge Paula Abdul fan, didn't like her music, and don't watch American Idol. But this shit, is wrong. I have caught a few moments of it too and as most of you have stated, it is NOT helping her image. She comes off as a child. Incapable of handling ANYTHING by herself and whiny.

    And she's clearly on medication and/or drugs/booze. Or all.

    And the more she claims she isn't, the harder it is to believe.

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    you already know.


    remember when anna nicole smith acted like this on her show?!!! someone should save paula before she ends up like her. and sorry about your mom noday, but i think paula's abusing pain medications hardcore.

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    I watched this on the plane last week. She is messed up and on something. Chick is not normal.

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    its like she has trouble getting words out of her mouth. i dont know how she can afford so many assistants/makeup/wardrobe ppl. and your're right-she eats out of vending machines and doesnt ask ppl for money

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