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Thread: Hell's Kitchen [Season 3]

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    Default Hell's Kitchen [Season 3]

    We are now two weeks into the new season of Hell's Kitchen! I know some of us watched last year and debated about the contestants. Who is watching this year and what is your opinion regarding the new batch of cooks?

    Do we think Aaron will ever stop crying?

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    I have never watched this show but did catch the last few minutes last night. I felt sorry for the kid/man who got kicked off. He seemed like there was something wrong with him. He was abnormally small and they mentioned it. I felt sorry for him. All of the guys seemed really annoying. Don't know if I will watch this again or not.

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    This show is one of my guilty pleasures. I love it! Aaron is a little annoying with all the crying, but I kinda like him. He may be HK's Sanjaya. I think Gordon is pulling for him a little too. Some of the women need to be knocked down a notch. Tiffany and Joanna are bitches. Glad Tiffany got the boot. I hope Julia from the waffle house kicks ass.

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