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Thread: Dr Keith Ablow - Biggest Losers gained it back

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    Default Dr Keith Ablow - Biggest Losers gained it back

    Did anyone catch this show earlier this week where he had the winner and runner up from The Biggest Loser? They are a couple now and she's preggers, but they both have gained back a bunch of weight. I couldn't believe it.

    I just caught literally the last two minutes of the show so I didn't see if they addressed the weight gain or not.

    Do tell if you saw the show.

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    I didn't see the show, but it doesnt surprise me. its not realistic to take ppl, change their diet and exercise routine overnight and then send them out again.

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    I did and noticed moreso on him. You could tell at the BL finale when she weighed in, she had been starving. Not bc her weight was particularly low (although it was for her), but u could see it in her face. I figured shed gain some back. I think shes done a good job BUT he is def otw to getting chub again, he looked completely dif.

    Wasnt she waiting to lose her virginity til marriage?

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