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    Default Blood Diamond

    Anyone else seen this recently? I just saw it last night and really liked it. However I was shocked at how ignorant I am to what's going on in the world. My husband and I sat there and were both like, "is this for real? Do they really live like this?"

    To be totally cliche, I sat there and was so thankful that I have the life I do, and live in the place I do. I also can't believe how blind I am. I mean, I've heard bits and pieces about this type of stuff, but I guess I never really believed it or something. It's so unreal to me. The thought of my neighbors being taken away to be slaves, having appendages chopped off, their kids being kidnapped, being shot in the street, things like that are so foreign and absolutely unreal to me. I can't believe that that really happens in this day and age.

    On a totally different shocking note, I was surprised at how handsome I thought Leo was. Never been a big fan of his.

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    I saw a couple of months ago. That movie really touched me too. I heard about Blood diamonds before through the Kanye West song and article I read but I didn't know it was that bad.

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    I think it's gotten somewhat better now, they, diaomond industry, are making an effort to find out the source of the diamonds. These reforms happened back in the late 90's or something. But we know how these things go.

    I thought it was a great movie. It had a great blend of action and human interest. Some scenes were incredibly moving, especially the one where the jennifer donnelly character is talking to leonardo's character and he opens up about his past. So sad.

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    I loved this movie. I found Djimon hotter than Leo though.

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