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Thread: Extreme Makeover Home Edition shooting nearby

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    Default Extreme Makeover Home Edition shooting nearby

    So Extreme Makeover came to a sister suburb where we live and it was a media circus. I learned a lot of new things about the show. First of all they actually do a bunch of takes of peoples reaction. If they didn't like the reaction they got they would stop and do it again. In the opening where everyone claps and cheers for the family, they had to do a couple of takes. I was shocked because I thought that it was spontaneous. They also gave some of the neighbors pools and other stuff to compensate for the inconvenience. It got really sad because on the radio they said that the neighbors started to get jealous and resentful towards the family and on the day of unveiling she flipped the neighbors the bird

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    What an ingrate! Poor neighbors. I hope the leave the bird flipping in!
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