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Thread: Stage Beauty (Film 2004)

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    Default Stage Beauty (Film 2004)

    I don't remember ever hearing about this movie. It may be the film where Billy Crudup and Claire Danes hooked up.

    Shakespearian actors, when men played women's roles, Crudup was the star actor in drag. I have to say that he was fascinating to watch. Claire Danes was terrific too. I had no idea these two could really act. He made a beautiful man and woman.

    The story wasn't that interesting, but I enjoyed it. Great sets and costumes. A little gay sex, straight sex and the always fun Rupert Everett played King Charles II (with about 10 King Charles spaniels on his bed). Worth renting if you like period dramas.

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    i saw it when it first came out on dvd and i really enjoyed it. great acting, intelligent script, nothing pretentious but a really enjoyable period piece. and the chemistry between the two was palpable.
    billy crudup's always been one of my crushes but he is fucking gorgeous in this movie.
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