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Thread: An American Crime-Disturbing

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    Default An American Crime-Disturbing

    I read about a movie titled "An American Crime" due to be released this year. It stars Catherine Keener, and James Franco.

    Its the true story of a psychotic bitch named Gertrude Baniszewski, who tortured and killed a teen girl horifically. My god, look up this woman and you'll have nightmares for days after reading the story of the this crime.

    I won't be seeing this movie, needless to say!
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    This movie was a topic at another board I belong to. It was a horrific crime. I read a book based on it called The Girl Nextdoor. The neighbor woman, who Keener plays, does horrific things to a girl she takes in to live with her. She then gets all the neighborhood children in on it too. It has very graphic, with violent scenes. I'm kind of surprised that Keener took this kind of role. I probably will see it.

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    I love crime movies as much as anyone else but is this really necessary? Are they going to awash the audience with gore and blood and violence because it is necessary for all of us to witness the full effect of what happened and leave nothing to the imagination?

    Looks like someone wants an oscar. Usually actors in desperate need of "props" and oscar hype go for roles like these.

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    Dancing on your grave!!!!


    All those people who knew or suspected what was happening and nobody did anything to stop it.

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    Isn't that awful? What kind of kid partakes in that and doesn't tell anyone what is happening? Well in an interview Keener said they don't show most of the abuse directly, because it would be unwatchable, but they get what is happening across. If you look up the movie on Youtube you can see the trailer
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