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    If I were a movie critic my column or tv show would be called "Why the Hell Make this Crap"?

    Pardon my rant, but they must have had to scrape the bottom of the Oscar barrel this year to nominate this for Best Picture? It's a lavish tv movie.

    Perfect production values, costumes, sets. Helen Mirren as HRH Elizabeth was good. However, she played her as extremely cold, icy really, void of any emotion, and the same in every scene. I have no idea of what the Queen is like of course, but I've seen her be quite charming and have a witty sense of humor.

    I don't know why this movie was written or made. The story wasn't interesting. There was no deep insight to the situation. The dialogue was flat and predictable. It was everything anyone had ever read about the royals' feelings about Diana.

    Tony Blair acted like a bumbling idiot devoid of knowing anything about royal protocol or etiquette. The casting choices for Prince Philip and the Queen Mum were horrible. Prince Philip was so incredibly mean and seemed to hate Diana more than humanly possible. He may be a tough man in real life, but in the film he was hateful. The Queen Mum came off as stupid and unattractive. She looked like she had a stroke. (The real one had such a sweet face).

    The real life Mrs. Blair must be really pissed about her portrayal. She was hateful, hated the monarchy and seemed as if she thought her husband was an idiot. I don't know if she's a controversial person in real life.

    Not a memorable film in the least.

    I didn't pay to see it, I was given a studio copy along with a studio copy of "Infamous" the second Truman Capote film. I'll spare you a long review. Don't see it. One bright performance was Juliet Stevenson as Diana Vreeland. The actor that played Capote was frightening. Bullock was wasted. Daniel Craig was ugly.

    Oh God, I'm the movie curmudgeon.

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    I really want to see The Queen.

    Maybe she was portrayed as she was in the movie because that is how the public views her? I remember when Diana died how critical everyone was at the Queen's seeming lack of compassion over what had happened.

    Personally, I never thought she was purposely being cold. The woman has lived a life that few of us can imagine. She is bound by certain protocol that she has lived with for so long that it is probably second nature to her by now.

    I felt kind of bad for her during that time.

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    I thought Mirren played her really well, and her subtle acting got across how the Queen may behave coldly compared to you and me but she is not as icy as she's been painted. There were moments in the movie where you saw the Queen was capable of sympathy and some tenderness in her own way.

    I remember one scene where she's hiking in the woods and she comes across a deer or fawn she's quite taken with. As she's admiring the animal's beauty, she hears hunters nearby and purposely shoos the deer away, presumably because she wants to save the animal she was just admiring. In other scenes her concern for her two grandchildren in the wake of Diana's death is obvious and palpable. Mirren played her multi-facetedly and did so very well.

    I came away agreeing with what aabbcc said about living the royal protocol all her life that it shaped her as a person, affected her outlook and her actions, but didn't necessarily make her a bad uncompassionate person. That was just how she was brought up.

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    Hallelujah Chalet! I thought I was going crazy when everyone around me, the press and their dogs were hooting and hollering praise about this film. I thought the movie was boring, the Queen had pretty much the same pensive facial expression throughout the film so HOW AND WHY is Helen Mirren nominated for an OSCAR for this film!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

    Go Habs Go!!

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    at your rant...I will say that I agree this was not an Oscar-worthy film. More likely it's one of those films that the Academy, in all its stuffy old-schoolness, fixated on to more or less honor a good actor's overall career and body of work. Even if the film is essentially a glorified TV movie. Like a consolation lifetime achievement award in the form of an Oscar. It is frustrating how some films or actors win due to some honorary reason as opposed to being the best in the category they're nominated in.

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    I saw it flying back to the US from England and it was boring! Chalet is right- a lavish TV miniseries!

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    you already know.


    I still wanna see it when its on t.v. though to see what all the fuss is about but,
    The dialogue was flat and predictable.
    ^ I absolutely hate that in movies like that (made for tv movies like you said) and can you even take any of it for a grain of salt since no one really knows what the family talked about in those days behind closed doors.

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