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Thread: Review: "Wedding Wars" a setback for gay rights

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    Default Review: "Wedding Wars" a setback for gay rights

    "Wedding Wars" a setback for gay rights

    By Barry Garron 25 minutes ago

    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Election results and opinion polls show the country is divided over whether to allow gay marriage. But there is one thing on which we can all agree: "Wedding Wars," with its absurd dinner theater-type treatment of the issue, is largely a waste of time.

    Gay marriage is ripe for dramatization. There is no end to the stories about same-sex partners who have suffered needlessly because of laws that refuse them equal footing with hetero couples. Exec producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron and writer Stephen Mazur approach the issue on a lighter note, camouflaging their arguments within what is otherwise a 1950s screwball romantic comedy.

    In "Wedding Wars," John Stamos stars as Shel, a gay party planner in a committed relationship. Shel's brother, Ben ( Eric Dane), speechwriter to Maine Gov. Conrad Welling ( Josh Brolin), is going to marry the governor's daughter, Maggie ( Bonnie Somerville). The brothers have been distant since college, when Shel came out. Nonetheless, Ben and Maggie ask him to plan their wedding.

    About two weeks before the big day, the governor's election opponent declares himself against gay marriage. Fearing public disapproval, Gov. Welling takes a similar stand. Shel is appalled. It is at this exact point that reality is not only suspended, it is placed before a firing squad.

    Shel launches a one-man strike, picketing at the governor's estate on a lightly trafficked country road. Soon, news reports bring out dozens of supporters. Strikes spread all across the nation, rippling from florists and hair salons to other businesses. The Nation Without Gays movement is making its point but no one backs down.

    Ironically, Mazur rejects outdated notions about marriage even as he embraces stereotypes about gender. In this movie, straight men are all clueless. The governor, his opponent and Ben can't grasp what Shel is so upset about, though the governor's wife and Maggie are troubled by the double standard. Also, the substitute wedding planner brought in at the last moment, not being gay, has a sense of taste and fashion that would embarrass Bozo.

    Then again, it probably doesn't make too much sense to pick nits with the script when the film fails on so many other levels. The characters are one-dimensional, the performances are exaggerated, the ending is ill-conceived and unsatisfying and the budget is so tight that it practically suffocates the entire production. Old stock video and graphics are employed to suggest a national movement. In Maine (well, actually Canada standing in for Maine), the outdoor weather changes from scene to scene with jarring inconsistency.

    Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

    If you think it's crazy, you ain't seen a thing. Just wait until we're goin down in flames.

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    I find the treatment of this issue offensive, and all I've seen is the ads. It just reinforces sterotypes that gays are all hairdressers and party planners. It seems really patronizing and oversimplifiying.

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    Sounds like a massively ignorant movie that draws all its humor from common stereotypes.

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    ITA. The whole premise of the movie and the way it was advertised just turned me off completely. "What if all the hairdressers and wedding planners in the world went on strike?" I mean WTF!!!!

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