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Thread: New German film to portray Hilter as a bed-wetter

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    Talking New German film to portray Hilter as a bed-wetter

    Movie & Entertainment News provided by World Entertainment News Network (

    2006-11-25 15:27:10 -

    Nazi leader ADOLF HITLER is to be portrayed as a drug addicted bed-wetter in a satirical new German film.

    MEIN FUHRER: THE TRULY TRUEST TRUTH ABOUT ADOLF HITLER, will be directed by Jewish filmmaker DANI LEVY and will also see the dictator take baths with a toy battleship, dress his dog in an SS uniform and be unable to sexually satisfy his wife.

    Levy's aim is to ridicule the cruel leader, as he doesn't believe he deserves anything better.

    He says, "To laugh at Hitler; to expose him for the buffoon he was beneath the uniforms and the pomp, this is what I have tried to do.

    "The movie shows Hitler tired after a decade in power. I hope Germans laugh, I believe they will. I don't want to give this cynical, psychological wreck of a person the honour of a realistic portrayal." The film is set for release in Germany in January 2007.


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    Well, supposedly he liked being peed ON. And kicked, & humiliated by women. He was apparently pretty sexually screwed-up. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually did wet the bed. The man had serious psychological issues.
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    ......... Hitler? Nah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    ......... Hitler? Nah.
    What do you say about this, Grimmlockenführer? Will you go see the movie?

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