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Thread: 300 the movie

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    Saw it over the weekend and really liked it a lot. I won't, but I wouldn't mind paying to see it again in the theater and I'd most definately go see it in an IMAX theater.

    It's a little too spicy for kiddos, but your mileage may vary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yanna View Post
    There were decapitations in this movie and you moms were more worried about a little nudity?
    For real? I ended up staying home to study so didn't see it. But I agree with you here. I would be significantly less bothered by my son seeing nudity than the violence that was probably all throughout this movie (and esp decapitations!).
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    Well, this is strictly speaking from my point of view, but the violence was so stylized and video-game like (like slow motion), that it was so fake, it really didn't seem that bad. And unfortunately, I think my son and his friends have seen worse on some video games than what was on 300.

    I guess it's the wishful mom in me, not wanting to think about him having a girlfriend (i.e. having sex) that makes me hide his eyes during the sex stuff. He probably knows more about it than I do.
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    Heh, for what it's worth, kids are usually that embarrassed about seeing sexy stuff with their parents present that I guess you were doing them a favour. And I agree, the violence wasn't very realistic anyway though that decapitation scene had me wishing someone would cover my eyes (I'm a wimp)

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    What kind of accent does Gerry have in this movie? Because if he has his natural Scottish accent (*swoon*), I'll have to go see this

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    Ooooh I just saw this today and it was AMAZING!!!! Gerry Butler does have his gorgeous Scottish accent, which just made it even better. The movie itself was great, the story was really good and the action was amazing. The best bit, by FAR, was the gorgeous men. My girlfriends and i just sat there making the Ooooh face, you know the one where you see a hot man and you just have to ooooh...yeah we spent a good hour doing that haha! Gerry Butler is gorgeous.
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