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Thread: Oprah with Bono

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    Default Oprah with Bono

    They are out shopping and the things they are buying (shopping red) are helping buy AIDS medication...she bought 10 phones and what they donated will buy enough ARV medication for 1 year. Hate her or like her, this is a good thing.

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    I agree. I read Bono's comments on it all and it's a brilliant idea. I can't stand Oprah though so I won't give her any of the credit.

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    I saw the rerun last night. I don't know why this particular show made me angry or want to hurl. It rubbed me the wrong way. The Red campaign is a fantastic way to get the average consumer to help no doubt. It must have been something about Oprah being so la di da, let's go shopping, and Bono looking ridiculous like a Justin Timberlake clone saying too many Wow's and So cool's. The Bono/Alicia Keys song is horrid too.

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    I didn't care for the song or Oprah either, but I think it's a fabulous idea and a fabulous cause. And I think Bono is an amazing man.

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