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Thread: Cinema Closes rather than Show 'Lousy' Movies (MY HERO!)

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    Default Cinema Closes rather than Show 'Lousy' Movies (MY HERO!)

    Sadly, it's only closing for two weeks.

    Instead of Bad Movies, Cinema Shows None
    The owner gives workers a paid vacation and closes for two weeks to protest 'lousy material.'

    By Bob Secter, Chicago Tribune
    September 29, 2006

    HOOPESTON, Ill. The "closed" sign went up a few weeks ago on the flashy neon marquee outside the Lorraine Theatre, but the 84-year-old movie palace on Main Street hasn't played its last picture show. Business isn't bad. It's the movies that are wretched.

    "Both theaters in Hoopeston are closed because of such poor film choices available," explains a recording on the Lorraine's customer hotline. "Go to Danville to see 'Jackass 2.' "

    Lorraine owner Greg Boardman put his two screens on hiatus rather than sell tickets to the gross-out and freakout fare he said Hollywood distributors had made available in recent weeks. Boardman said he'd rather show nothing than such recent offerings as "Beerfest," "The Covenant" or the "Jackass" sequel, which topped the nation's box office last week despite being panned by critics.

    "There's just so much lousy material out there people vomiting on the screen," said Boardman, 52, who grew up watching movies in the Lorraine and now runs the business from Northern California. "I have one of the finest sound systems in the world, and I don't want to waste it on such drivel."

    When the town got its break from Hollywood, so did the Lorraine staff: two paid weeks off.

    The protest ends today, when the Lorraine resumes operation with the new animated children's movie "Open Season" as well as Disney's recently released football movie, "Invincible."

    This isn't a crusade launched by a G-rated puritan. The Lorraine has featured its share of R-rated fare, including "Brokeback Mountain" and "Miami Vice." And there are plenty of action movies, the better to show off the rippling eight-channel digital sound system, a top-of-the-line feature rare even in big cities.

    The Lorraine, opened in 1922 as a vaudeville house, was purchased in 1987 by Boardman, who repaired and reopened it.

    In a business dominated by nationwide chains, Boardman is a small fry. But he says that keeps the business fun and gives him the freedom to do what he wants including making his screens dark.

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    Yes, these are the post summer blues. Rather slim pickings at the movie theater nowadays. Things should start looking up this month, that new scorsese movie opens up this friday and saw 3 on halloween!

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    Good for Mr. Broadman. It makes me feel good to hear about people doing something instead of just whinning. Paid his employee's too. Class act!

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    Yeah I agree; how fabulous!

    - wish more theatres would do that!

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    A man of class, taste and conscience. If only there were more like that out there willing to stand up for their principles.

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