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Thread: Andy Warhol - American Masters PBS

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    Default Andy Warhol - American Masters PBS

    It should be running this week. Check your local listings.

    All of the American Masters shows are so well done, I figure this one's got to be interesting.

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    This was on last night. It was really interesting. He was an odd little man though, wasn't he? Did you know his last name is actually Warhola, but in a print ad, they accidentally left the "a" off the end, and he just decided to go by Warhol.

    Anyone else see it? Amazing was his collection of the infamous Campbell soup cans. He painted 32 different ones (all 32 varieties of soup at the time.) He ended up selling the whole set for $1000 and the man who bought them sold promised they would someday be in a museum. He sold them many years later to an art museum (can't recall the name) for $15 million! Yikes!
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