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Thread: Anyone watch the 90210 reboot?

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    Default Anyone watch the 90210 reboot?

    I'm aging myself but I watched the original series in the 90s and loved it. I watched the reboot and was so disappointed. I'll probably give it a few more episodes though.

    Wondering what anyone else thought about it.
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    I watched it out of curiosity. I really liked the original as well... until the last couple of seasons.

    I think premise is OK, but them playing "heightened versions of themselves" doesn't work for me because I think we all know too much about them IRL. I mean, we all know Tori is married to the weasel, so seeing her with an actor playing her husband was odd. However, the jokes about Tori being broke were funny. (I think she looks horrible BTW),

    I don't think I'll watch.

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    Wait there’s a new reboot? I watched a little of the first lame reboot from a few years ago and I had no idea there was a new new one.
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    I thought it was horrible.
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