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Thread: Euphoria on Hulu

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    Default Euphoria on Hulu

    Is anybody else watching this? It's crazy good. At least I think so. It's making me like Zendaya a lot. There's a trans character who I didn't even realize she was until a certain scene, then I caught a story/review about the show which confirmed. Apparently the actress-Hunter Schafer is in real life too, so that makes it even better. Eric Dane portrays a creepy dad very well.

    Oh and there's a TON of dicks.
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    Yep, if you go to the Netflix etc thread several of us are watching it
    i kind of hit a wall a little less than halfway though the season, itís a good show but I have to be in the right mood to watch it.
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    I caught Ep 5 a few weeks back after Big Little Lies on HBO and I liked it enough that I went back and watched it from the beginning on demand. I still have last week's to watch and this week is the season finale.

    Eric Dane is creepy AF but his son Nate is even creepier. I think his character is verging on cartoon villain at this point though. I will be disappointed if he gets away with all his shit due to rich white boy syndrome. He is fucking evil.

    I like how they start each episode with the backstory of one of the characters, makes it easier to see why they're all so fucked up.

    I also didn't get that Jules was trans right away. Duh.

    From what I've read, the creator/showrunner Sam Levinson (son of director Barry Levinson) was an addict in his teens and many of the storylines are based on his experiences.

    Anyway, good show I think. Glad to hear it's been renewed for a second season.

    (p.s. I'm not gonna wade thru that big ass thread to find comments mixed in with everything else. Would much rather see individual threads for shows but they don't seem to get much interest. I wondered why no one was posting in the BLL thread for example, now I see they were commenting in the big thread. Oh well)
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