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    I don't know is anyone watches this show, I do once in a while . Anyways, it's being filmed in my town this Fri night and being called "Made, Fair Queen" I'm going to go and check it out but it's probably going to be a crazy madhouse!

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    I feel sorry for the losers who sign up for this show. I saw one the other day where this overweight girl named "Bryttni" with NO dance experience wanted to be on a dance/drill team called the Emeralds at her Texas high school so that she could be popular. For those of you who don't know, these teams are extremely popular and competitive in Texas. Most of the girls have been dancing since they were 3 or 4. Her cousin, also named Brittany (with a different spelling) was an Emerald, popular, and pretty. While Bryttni worked with her coach in the gym (the coach made her "freestyle") Brittany and some other Emeralds watched and ridiculed her, making comments such as "Oh, my God. She sucks." and "She's, like, soooo out of her league" and snickering. Even her coach was horrified at her total lack of talent. You could tell that all of the girls were having a field day with this poor misfit and it was almost as if the made producers were encouraging Brittany and the Emeralds to make fun of her. I forgot to mention that Bryttni also had a disease where she had no hair anywhere on her body. Unfortunately, she was not a very attractive girl. She had a crush on a guy (as is the subplot in every Made episode) and wanted him to ask her to prom. Of course, he didn't. I didn't see the end, so I don't know if she made the Emeralds dance team or not but I seriously doubt it. If she did, it's because MTV paid them off to do it (which was the case with the earlier shows until they realized that the audience was catching on.)

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    I watch this show from time to time. I like the concept, allowing people to step out and do different things. Helping them to try and accomplish dreams and goals that many times seem totally out of character. I just wish that that they would give them more time to prepare and learn the skill. They only give the people like 5 or 6 weeks which is ridiculous when you have to compete against others who have been training for years.

    Sidenote: it's especially funny when the people get upset at their Made coaches for pushing them too hard, or requiring them to do something that they don't want to do. Oh suck it up. You wanted to be Made, now deal. IMHO
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