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Thread: Dr. T and The Women

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    Default Dr. T and The Women

    This movie is from a few years ago. I do believe I have seen the most wretched movie ever. I still can't believe Robert Altman was the director. Richard Gere plays an overbooked gynecologist, but there are no laughs in that. Farrah plays his wife and Kate Hudson and Tara Reid play their daughters.

    Farrah plays the wife who loses her mind, gets naked in a mall fountain and goes to a psychiatric facility. That's about the most interesting part. That Farrah really does have great hair.

    Wretched were Laura Dern and Janine Turner. Especially wretched and a bitch was Helen Hunt with whom he had a wretched affair. The only woman that was bearable was Liv Tyler as Kate Hudson's love interest.

    Do not see this movie.

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    Saw about the last half of the movie. It was horrible train wreck. Sorry, don't care if Dr Gyno looks like Richard Gere in his prime. Still not going and fighting over an appointment.

    From that scene on for me- it was down hill into the mine. Every stereotype present and accounted for in the film.
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    i went to see this when it came out and i was totally underwhelmed. definitely one of altman's flops.
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    Awful movie. But i can't decide if it was worse than Autumn in New York with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. That one was a major snoozefest too.

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    I just want to say this, since you've all seen it. Explain to me the reason that we got to see an actual birth? You saw it......the whole nine yards, from vagina, to crowning to the birth. Why?

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