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Thread: New Truman Capote film at Venice film festival

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    Default New Truman Capote film at Venice film festival
    Last Updated: Thursday, 31 August 2006, 17:03 GMT 18:03 UK
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    Second Capote film makes its bow

    The second film to focus on writer Truman Capote in less than a year has received its premiere in Venice.

    Like 2005's acclaimed movie Capote, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, Infamous details the author's six-year effort to write his book In Cold Blood.

    British actor Toby Jones stars as the author, while new James Bond hero Daniel Craig appears as Perry Smith, the killer he is attracted to.

    In one scene, they kiss - which Jones described as "abrasive and rewarding".

    Capote and Infamous cover much of the same ground - specifically the time Capote spent in Kansas following the investigation into the murder of a family of four, which he used as the basis for In Cold Blood.

    But Infamous - which has a cast including Sandra Bullock as writer Harper Lee plus Jeff Daniels and Sigourney Weaver - also deals with Capote's life in New York before he travelled to Kansas.

    It begins with a sequence starring Gwyneth Paltrow as singer Kitty Dean. Film critic David Thomson has described it as "the best thing I have ever seen Paltrow do".

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    Saw the preview tonight, it looks good. The actor playing Capote looks very convincing, although when I watched PSH's portrayal, it also seemed "dead-on".

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