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Thread: 'Growing Up Supermodel' Trailer Spotlights Model Kids of Steven Seagal...

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    Default 'Growing Up Supermodel' Trailer Spotlights Model Kids of Steven Seagal...

    'Growing Up Supermodel' Trailer Spotlights Model Kids of Steven Seagal, Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Schroder

    The invasion of celebrity kids in the fashion industry continues with the new reality series "Growing Up Supermodel."

    With models like Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kaia Gerber and Sofia Richie among the many rocking the runway or high fashion photoshoots all around the world, there's a new crop of up and comers hoping to leverage their last names for the spotlight.

    The just-released trailer for Lifetime's new show highlights the ambitions of Cambrie and Faith Schroder (Ricky Schroeder's daughters), Arissa Le Brock (daughter of Kelly Le Brock and Steven Seagal), Atiaia De La Hoya (Oscar De La Hoya and Shanna Moakler's daughter) and supermodel Beverly Peele's daughter Cairo. Jake Moritt -- son of Krista Allen -- and Janis Ostojic -- son of model JD Ostojic -- also appear on the series.

    According to the show's official synopsis, "these young models are all finding out that making a career is hard work, and having a famous name is a double-edged sword, creating expectations and burdens at the same time it generates opportunities."

    The sneak peek below spotlights some of the drama that comes with navigating the fashion industry, as well as some advice from their celebrity parents.

    "Growing Up Supermodel" debuts August 15 on Lifetime at 10pm.

    Hollywood Buzz, Entertainment News for TV, Movies, Music and Celebrity Fashion |

    Move over Kendall and Gigi! Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Schroder's kids lead cast of new reality series chronicling the lives of aspiring models who have famous parents

    • The upcoming Lifetime reality series Growing Up Supermodel airs on August 15, and follows the lives of seven celebrity children
    • Ricky Schroder's children, Cambrie and Faith Schroder, and boxer Oscar De La Hoya's daughter with Shanna Moakler, Atiana De La Hoya, all appear on the show
    • Other cast members include aspiring models Arissa Le Brock, Cairo Peele, Jake Moritt, and Janis Ostojic
    • In a preview clip for the series, Cambrie, 20, stresses that the fashoin world has changed and the 'most in-demand models today have a famous last name'

    From Kendall Jenner to Gigi and Bella Hadid, this generation's most in-demand models all happen to have famous last names, and now there is a show dedicated to chronicling the lives of other celebrity children who want to break into modeling.

    The upcoming Lifetime reality series Growing Up Supermodel follows seven celebrity children, including Ricky Schroder's children, Cambrie and Faith Schroder, and boxer Oscar De La Hoya's daughter with Shanna Moakler, Atiana De La Hoya, as they try to step out of their famous parents' shadows and make names for themselves.
    'The world of fashion has changed. The most in-demand models today have a famous last name,' Cambrie, 20, says in a preview clip for the series, which airs on August 15.

    American's next top models? Growing Up Supermodels is a new reality series that documents the lives of seven aspiring models who have famous parents

    Happier times: The show will also touch upon their mom Andrea Bernard filing for divorce from their father. The family is pictured together in 2015

    While many would assume breaking into modeling with a famous last name would be a cake walk, Atiana, 18, insists that 'you always have to work for what you want' because there is 'no easy ticket to anything'.
    Atiana's mom Shanna, 42, agrees, noting: 'You really have to go out and prove to people your talent, your worth.'
    At one point in the clip, Shanna urges her daughter to 'rock that s**t' when her eldest child admits she doesn't think she can do it while at a gig.
    Arissa Le Brock, the daughter of model Kelly Le Brock and actor Steven Seagal, is working as a plus-size model, and she admits in the clip that she has been thinking of quitting the industry because being plus-size has 'really difficult' for her to deal with.

    Daddy's girl: Atiana, 18, is the daughter of famed boxer Oscar De La Hoya. They are pictured together in May

    Guiding her way: Atiana's mother, model Shanna Moakler (left), said she is trying to teach her daughter the things that she had to learn herself

    She has also been struggling with being compared to her famous parents, telling her mom that people always say: 'Oh you're Kelly Le Brock's daughter. You're Steven Seagal's daughter.'
    'No, I'm me,' she says.
    Unsurprisingly, the celebrity parents appear to get plenty of screen time as well in the series, as many of them found fame as models themselves.
    In one scene, model Beverly Peele reminds her daughter Cairo Peele that modeling isn't easy, of course, neither is having a mom whose scored countless magazine covers.

    Next generation: Model JD Ostojic's son Janis Ostojic is following in his footsteps. Janis is pictured with his dad (left) and on the runway (right)

    Finding her own way: Cairo Peele is the daughter of famous model Beverly Peele, and she admits she has spent her entire live being compared to her mom

    'My whole life I've compared myself to my mom,' Cairo cries to Arissa, who responds: 'You're never going to be your mom.'
    The show also touches upon Cambrie and Faith dealing with their parents divorce.
    'The thought of my mom dating someone who is not my dad makes me feel sick,' Cambrie says of her mom Andrea Bernard, who filed for divorce from her husband Ricky after nearly 24 years of marriage.
    Cambrie stresses that she is worried about her 15-year-old sister Faith, noting her younger sibling just cries for an hour straight when she sees her therapist.
    'Every parent wants the best for their child, and being in the spotlight it really only raises the stakes,' Andrea admits to the camera.

    Giving up: Arissa admits being a plus-size model has been difficult for her, and she has considered quitting

    Handsome guy: Actress Krista Allen's son Jake Moritt inherited her good looks

    Natural stars: Jake can be seen striking a pose with Atiana during a shoot

    The clip sees the group of seven staring in plenty of shoots together, but there may be some contention after Andrea announces that Cambrie 'doesn't want to be co-branded with people that aren't at the same level'.
    Speaking for the rest of the parents, Shanna tells Andrea: 'I think we just feel like Cambrie gave us the big f**k you, man.'
    And the show isn't just about female models; it also stars actress Krista Allen's son Jake Moritt and model JD Ostojic's son Janis Ostojic, who finds himself in hot water with his girlfriend after a racy shoot.
    'She was jealous,' he sheepishly tells Jake.
    At the end of the clip, Shanna tells the camera: 'I am trying to give [Atiana] the tools that no one gave me that I had to learn the hard way.'

    Read more: Aspiring models with famous parents star in reality series | Daily Mail Online
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    oh my god, no. please no.
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    Not more of them.

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    Enough already? But the K kids aren't even in their teens yet. We have generations to go still.
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    Lol poor Arissa is more Segal than LeBrock if you know what I mean.
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    Can you imagine doing what Arissa is doing and being compared to what your mother looked like. No fucking way I'd be a model.
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    Arissa reminds me of harissa

    Not a single one of them is model material. Heck, I'm more model material than them.
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    There is not one striking one in the bunch. Ricky Shroeder's girls have weird eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tulip View Post
    There is not one striking one in the bunch. Ricky Shroeder's girls have weird eyes.
    FUG. Every single last one of them.
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    What did little Ricky Schroeder do to have his Betty Crocker wife file for divorce?

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    Ricky Schroeder is still adorable.

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    Someone's been lying to Jake...and the rest of them
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    they don't look like models (to me)

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    Handsome guy: Actress Krista Allen's son Jake Moritt inherited her good looks he did NOT.
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