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I caught the trailer for this earlier today and thought it looked pretty good. I bitch about Tiny Tom and his $cientology ways, but honestly, I really like most of movies. He's looking roooough in this one though (his face, it looks really weird and not in a natural aging kind of way). I've already pre-purchased tickets to The Mummy on Friday ... that one looks good too and my boy loves action movies, which is almost all of Cruise's films.

This movie is based on Barry Seals (there's several movies involving him), who, after being sentenced to 10 years in prison after he was caught trying to smuggle drugs into the US, went to the DEA and offered to be an informant. He did and made a ton of money doing it. He was the catalyst for the Iran Contra affair, and there's all kind of weird stories surrounding that fiasco (including one about H.W. building some kind of out of the way runway/airport ... Seals was a pilot). Eventually, he was outed by the media (not completely their fault) and there was a bounty on his head. He was eventually assassinated by the members of the Medellin cartel while performing work detail after further sentencing at a Salvation Army. His assassins were caught and given life in prison. Apparently, he chose not to have witness protection and the country/media were in an uproar that that decision was left up to him. Dead at 46.

I dont know much much about the whole Iran Contra affair, so I'm reading up on it now (I was still in middle school).